Sadaf Chaudry


Sadaf is from San Diego, California. She received her Bachelors of Science in Human Biology from the University of California, San Diego and will starting Medical School at the UCSD School of Medicine as part of the entering class of 2018. She has been honored to receive UCSD’s 2018 Change Maker’s Award. Sadaf has dedicated her efforts to providing personalized care to the underserved communities in San Diego. Whether working alongside physicians in Rady Children’s Hospital’s Emergency Room or comforting aggrieved families of hospitalized children in the Ronald McDonald House, Sadaf has sought to develop personalized relationships to those in need and meet their needs in this light. In her efforts, she has taken note of the many basic needs that the homeless community has been deprived of. When showering and access to nutritious meals becomes a luxury, we must realize that we have failed our homeless communities. This is a tragedy that Sadaf has specifically targeted. While volunteering at San Diego Rescue Mission dinner services, Sadaf gathered insight about the unique health challenges facing women and children staying in emergency overnight shelters. This drove her to design a curriculum that addressed these concerns while making our homeless community aware of better health and life decisions they can make to improve their livelihood. Translating this insight into initiative, Sadaf has helped establish a program through which she has educated clients at the San Diego Rescue Mission and the Oasis Clubhouse on the physiological effects of alcohol abuse. This ambition proved life-changing and has empowered many clients to change their lifestyles and make better health decisions.