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Empowering the Homeless Community through Education

Homeless Health Across Learning empowers the homeless community with the knowledge to better manage their health and improve their health outcomes. We offer courses on a variety of topics…   

living on San Diego county streets or in shelters in 2019

live in shelters

36% report to have a physical disability

12% are under the age of 24

About Us


The mission of the Homeless Health and Empowerment Across Learning is to empower the homeless community with the knowledge to make better health decisions and improve their health outcomes.


Our strategy is to develop student educators who believe in the power that knowledge has in promoting self-awareness and improving health-based decision-making. We educate our clients on the consequences that their actions have on their bodies, from a scientific point of view and in a culturally-competent manner.


Our vision is to reduce the burden of inadequate access to primary care, and decrease excessive hospitalization costs by reducing avoidable visits to the ED.


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It is very relevant. I smoke six packs a day and need to quit


Information was very relevant


Little scary I was drinking half-a-gallon of vodka a day. Now I am 6 months sober and run an average of 20 miles a week


To be informed about what I am doing to my body could save my life


It was very relevant to me because I was a long time smoker and drinker


It’s so cool to listen and see the effects of smoking and drinking


Useful and easy to understand


Eye opener to prevent future use


Well, now I know how and what the effects are in drinking and smoking


Very useful. It gave me the push I need to quit


Very well, might be life saving


It was useful. I am really going to stop smoking


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