Yosef Faiq

Yosef was raised in San Diego and is currently a third year pre-medical student at UCSD obtaining his bachelor’s degree in physiology and neuroscience. During his earlier years at UCSD, he has devoted much time to shadowing various physicians, focusing his efforts primarily on internal medicine and emergency medicine, where he encountered numerous homeless individuals that were to be treated. This experience revealed to him how the healthcare system is unable to properly address the homeless community’s conditions, addictions, and unhealthy habits. Realizing that action must be taken, he joined Homeless HEAL where he devotes his time to educating the homeless community on the dangers of certain unhealthy habits/addictions detrimental to one’s health while promoting prevention of certain illnesses and diseases, specifically tailored for the homeless community. In addition to Homeless HEAL, Yosef will begin working as a medical scribe during the summer of 2019 to further strengthen his passion for medicine, and potentially gain more insight on ways to aid the underserved homeless communities of San Diego.